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Hostal Mariby 7ma

Located in Miramar. Hostal Mariby 7ma is an independent house with 3 rooms and its bathrooms for 6 guests

Hostal Mariby 5ta Ave

Located in Miramar. Hostal Mariby 5ta is a modern apartment with 3 bedrooms with bathrooms for 6 guests.


Hostal Mariby, is a construction from 1906 that has been restored according to the original design, achieving a colonial atmosphere, keeping the glow of the time, together with the comfort of the modern world, 20 years dedicated to the Rent of the hostel, have allowed the service staff gain the necessary experience to offer an excellent service in a familiar atmosphere. We have 3 suites each with 2 rooms with a camera, and can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests.

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This place exceeded expectations!

Justin Waterman


Excelente lugar para cualquier ocasión, la atención es personalizada y con todo garantizado para disfrutar de los sabores de Cuba.

John Morgan


Clean, friendly staff

Roger Dick